Why Remove the Comments Section from your Blog or Website?

I have now removed the comments section from my blog. Why? Because it's not needed nor was it used.

When I built the site, I included the comments section on my blog posts as it was easy to do and I had this idea that I would start interacting with users about my posts. However, I rarely get comments (probably mainly because I'm bad at keeping my blog updated) and so even when I did get one, I accidentally missed it for months before I replied.

Oops, not a great way to generate a good relationship with readers.

Therefore my thinking was this:

  1. It doesn't look good to have an empty comments section on each blog post.
  2. Why waste time managing and blocking SPAM comments if there are few, or no real comments amongst them? It's a waste of time and effort.
  3. What if a user has a genuine question they want to ask about a post? Or how will I allow feedback from my potential audience? Well, there's the contact page and there's social networks (for me, preferably Twitter for this) so I can still interact with people.
  4. Finally, what if I suddenly get a bigger audience who want to ask questions/give feedback? Well, I can always re-enable comments in the future.