Release of Wah!

I'm pleased to say that my first mobile game, "Wah!" is now available on Google Play for Android and the App Store for IOS.

The idea for this game came from my brother-in-law having to give a toy back to my daughter because she kept throwing it. He wanted to stop playing, so his Dad said, "If this was an app on your phone, you'd happily play it for hours." And so I thought, that would be an easy game to make.

The game has evolved in various ways since the original idea, but the basic concept has remained the same. I have included various aspects from my daughter's interests and a particular dislike from a Disney film about emotions.

The app has been built with HTML, CSS and JS using Cordova. The development was mostly done on Telerik Platform which proved to be an easy tool for developing and brilliantly simple to then deploy the App from (especially when you don't have a mac). Definitely a tool I would consider using again for any future development work.

Please download the game and give it a go. Feedback would be greatly appreciated as well as any bug reports. A Windows Phone version may also be released in the future.

Wah! Screenshot in Kitchen Wah! Screenshot in Living Room Wah! Screenshot in Garden