Living with Android Wear for 2 years

UPDATE: I have now written about my experiences since the Android Wear 2.0 update in a separate post, Android Wear 2.0 has changed my mind.

I've always liked the idea of having a computer on my wrist, probably since my days of watching Power Rangers and James Bond as a kid. So I was keenly watching the development and release of Android Wear and the Pebble smart watches.

Marden March Complete

Off Topic: 14 mile Marsden March 2017

On Sunday 19th March 2017 I completed the 14 mile Marsden March along with my wife, Jemma, and her sister, Aislinn. I'm pleased to say that so far we've raised over £1,300 plus gift aid and there's more still to come in. All funds go towards The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity who have been doing an amazing job supporting my wife's other sister, Amanda. The full story is on our fundraising page

Many thanks to everyone who sponsored us.

Why Remove the Comments Section from your Blog or Website?

I have now removed the comments section from my blog. Why? Because it's not needed nor was it used.

When I built the site, I included the comments section on my blog posts as it was easy to do and I had this idea that I would start interacting with users about my posts. However, I rarely get comments (probably mainly because I'm bad at keeping my blog updated) and so even when I did get one, I accidentally missed it for months before I replied.

Oops, not a great way to generate a good relationship with readers.

Therefore my thinking was this:

Comparing before and after fix for High Pixel Density Screen

Removing the Blur from Background Images on High Pixel Density (Retina Screen) Devices

Another problem I ran into when building my first mobile game (using HTML, CSS and JS) was that while testing it on my phone I found my graphics were all blurred. Quite obvious that it was because my phone has a high pixel density screen as many do now. However, my graphics are pretty much all applied as CSS background images and I had not had to deal with this issue before in anything other than images. A Google search and Stack Overflow provided the answers I needed though.

Beware when using CSS Animation on a Telerik Platform App

I recently used Telerik Platform ( to build my first mobile game (Wah! It was a bit of an experiment as I didn't know how well a game built with HTML, CSS and JS would work out on a mobile device. While I feel I have plenty of room for improvement, overall I think the test proved a success. I'm just going to write about one issue I had while attempting to improve the performance of the animations in my game.

Winter Themed Birthday Cake

Off-Topic: Winter Themed Cake

This is possibly my greatest success so far with my cake making. I needed to create a winter themed cake for my mums birthday. I had the basic idea of creating some pinecones with cereal and using a chocolate flake as a log. I also had ideas of adding some chocolate orange segments and some mini marshmallows for a bit of colour. I was also very keen on trying out wrapping the cake in chocolate that protruded over the top of the cake.